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Atlanta Falcons Fan Favorites: Franklin DeSean "Sean" Weatherspoon
Posted By:  Annie Butler
Thursday, June 20, 2013

To read the full article about Sean Weatherspoon, click here.

This edition of Fan Favorites features the team's defensive captain Sean Weatherspoon or just Spoon, as fans would refer to him. Spoon has been on a meteoric rise within the organization and still has plenty of room to grow. He is known as loud and outspoken, but never seems to cross any lines publicly. He is also the defensive play caller and serves as the team’s motivational voice. He is the Spoooooon (The Tick reference was on purpose). All statistics are brought to you by and

blogOff Field Behavior: 

As vocal as Spoon is on the field, he is not so public off the field. In all actuality, his Twitter account makes him seem pretty regular. Take away him being an NFL player and all and he seems like a few guys that I know. Spoon has started multiple charitable organizations that deal with the youth. First and foremost on the list would be the Spoonful of Hope Foundation (here is the link to the Facebook page Its goal, as stated on its Facebook page, is to teach kids effective life skills, help them overcome obstacles in their lives, and encourage them to fulfill their potential both academically and as people.” which seems like a very noble cause. The Spoonful of Hope Foundation also sponsors a youth football camp every year in Texas where in Spoon and a couple other players share their knowledge with the youth ages 7-16 for no charge. Weatherspoon has been so charitable that the team named him the Community All-Star in 2012 for all of the contributions he has made to the community. 

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